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Safeguarding is part of our Christian mission, ministry and values. The diocese is committed to keeping everyone safe and providing support to those who need it. It is hoped that this website assists us to reach this goal by providing contact details, resources and helpful information.  

For more information

For a detailed look at the Diocese of Lincoln’s approach to safeguarding you can view our below.

Who we are 

Jack Redeyoff, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. As DSA, Jack manages the team and has strategic oversight of safeguarding in the diocese of Lincoln.  

Gemma Marks-Good, Safeguarding Advocate. Gemma’s focus is on survivor support and engagement as well as general safeguarding advocacy, guidance and giving of advice.  

Jonny Fluck, Caseworker. Jonny takes lead on casework and engaging with risk assessments and risk management plans as well as being on hand for all manner of operational safeguarding duties. 

Lucy Rowe, Training Coordinator. Lucy leads on all things training related and supports the operational delivery as well as championing the training strategic vision.  

Felicity Borkertas, Administrator. Felicity is the essential business support that keeps everything ticking and provides practical support throughout all safeguarding practices.