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DBS Recruiters

Firstly, thank you for being a DBS Lead recruiter/recruiter. We really appreciate the time you give in making your parishes safe.

Being a DBS recruiter is a role that comes with lots of responsibility. However, it can be a simple task with the correct guidance.

There may sometimes be reluctance to having a DBS check. This is sometimes because the person does not like computers or does not understand that a DBS check is there to protect them as well as protect others.

Contact us

01522 504050

Did you know that you can fill in an enhanced DBS application on behalf of someone else?

You just need to take the details whilst they are with you or over the phone. So, hurdle one is out of the way. Hurdle two is a bit bigger. The eligibility guidance is available for many of our church roles and this can be found here.

Thirtyone: eight also has lots of information and frequently asked questions on their webpage which can be reached by following this link

We never recommend doing Basic checks as they only bring up unspent convictions, where as an enhanced DBS (if applicable) will bring all the spent convictions to your attention. What I will say is that even if a person has a conviction on file it is possible for them to work in the church, we just need to put a risk assessment in place to keep everyone safe.

After deciding if the person in your parish requires a DBS through the eligibility guide the next step is to know how to process an enhanced DBS.

An easy to follow process can be found here.

If you need any help our guidance or have any questions please contact and we will be happy to assist.