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Leading in Evangelism

This is a free online resource to help churches grow through a process of intentional evangelism. ‘Leading in Evangelism’  is free on-demand content designed to support developing a culture of evangelism that suits every context and church tradition. It is a series of one-hour sessions, created to stimulate conversation, planning and action within churches, taken at any pace.

Resource Overview 

Leading in Evangelism is organised into 4 themes. Each theme has various sessions guiding through the journey along with additional “Going Deeper” sessions. Choose the sessions most appropriate to your settings, or follow the guidance:

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The College of St Hugh

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Getting Started

Go to the introduction page to get started by:

  • understanding what this is and how it works 
  • exploring the theological foundation and philosophy of this resource 
  • planning how you will use it and who with 
  • understanding the structure 
  • discovering spiritual practices that will support you as you work through the resource 

Your Context 

When working through the content, be thinking about specific gathered congregations and think about their lives throughout the week; think about children and young people and ages and stages of life; think about regulars and those on the fringe, think about the wider community. The individual character of the specific church will shape the journey.