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Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

The Parish Giving Scheme is available free of charge to all parishes across the Diocese who wish to use it. 

The Parish Giving Scheme offers individual parishes the facility for all who wish to give money regularly to do so by Direct Debit, the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to give, and it handles the Gift Aid on those gifts.

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If your church hasn’t joined the PGS yet, then a parish first needs to pass a PCC resolution and then complete the Registration Form which can be filled out, then scanned and e-mailed, or posted back to the Generous Living Advisor along with signature authorisation from the Incumbent/Priest in Charge, Treasurer and Churchwarden.  If it’s easier for them to sign the form electronically, here is a Guidance Note as to how to do that.

The Generous Living Advisor will then assign a PGS code and email it to the PGS office to be registered. Once your parish or church is registered, your Generous Living Advisor will send you the necessary Gift Forms and other written resources, either electronically or in hard copy, for you to provide to existing and prospective givers to your church, so that they can set up their regular giving to the church through PGS.   

As an alternative to givers completing a Gift Form, they can also set up their giving over the phone by calling the Parish Giving Scheme office: Tel - 0333 002 1271