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Continuing Ministerial Development

All ministers, licensed and authorised are on a life-long learning pathway. No one is ever fully equipped after their initial training, for the tasks God has called them to. The landscape in which we serve is constantly changing. Developing our knowledge, skills, our approach to personal wellbeing and our spiritual life, our leadership style and more, all enhance our practise of ministry. It enables us to be more effective in our work of mission and ministry, and to flourish as human beings. 

The College of St Hugh produces a monthly bulletin filled with training, events, and resources. These events are created and led by people in the Diocese of Lincoln, or offered by groups further afield. We send the bulletin to all Clergy, Readers, ALMs, Churchwardens, our Church Army evangelists and more. You can find previous bulletins here. The College will soon have an expanding programme of training available to an even wider range of delegates.  

Readers and ALMs can find more information about study opportunities and resources via this link: and within the website for the Central Readers Council, 


The Reverend Jackie Johnson

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) Officer

07590 950040 

CMD Funding for Clergy 

There is funding available for clergy wishing to attend courses, study days, and resourcing events. A CMD Funding Application Form is available here. Please send this to The Reverend Jackie Johnson via . There is also an accompanying information sheet.

A Retreat Grant Application Form is available here.