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Online and Contactless Giving 

Online giving uses a donations platform that is linked to your website, Facebook page, and other social media channels. The platform allows individuals to donate anytime or anywhere using a variety of payment methods. 

There are many different providers on the market offering an online giving platform. Parish Resources offers a comprehensive list. A platform called ‘Give A Little’ is available through by Parish Buying. This not only offers one of the best transaction rates on the market, but also comes with a lot of support to help you get started and set up with your online giving accounts. They also offer full details of how to set up a Give A Little account. 
Once you have successfully selected your new online giving provider there is a useful blog on what to do next and how to promote it, including advice on setting it up on your own website or on your ‘A Church Near You’ page. 

The offertory or collection in your services 

The Church has produced some short animations for churches to use during virtual services and more widely online to encourage giving. This will be really useful for churches less confident about talking about giving and an added bonus for those who are already doing lots of great things. Churches will be able to customise this video with their own details using A Church Near You.  

Other Online Giving Ideas 

Easy Fundraising 

Increasingly, we do our shopping online, so why not set up an Easy Fundraising account for your church? By using a link through this site, shoppers can generate a small amount of money for your church with each purchase. It costs them nothing and over time can become a quite significant amount. A small percentage of the purchase price goes from the retailer to your church if you register on the link below. There are over 4000 shops that are included in this scheme incluidng most of the major high street brands and supermarkets. 

Mobile Phone Giving 

This option may work well for people who don’t have access to the internet as a way to donate and is especially useful as a ‘top up’ way of giving for regular church members or for visitors. Parish Resources provides a guide to setting this up. 

QR Codes 

These are a free, versatile, and easy set-up option to start accepting contactless donations from smartphone users. They are especially useful on signs, posters or other printed materials, including newsletters and service sheets. Parish Buying offers full guidance

Contactless Giving 

The Church of England has through Parish Buying, worked with a number of suppliers to offer discounted prices on contactless technology for your church. 

The range includes small hand-held units, larger table top units that can be secured into furniture. Please register with Parish Buying. It’s free and only takes a few minutes and then you can view the full range of the units here