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Healing and Wholeness

We believe in the power of prayer and we want to promote and resource healing prayer ministry in our churches to encourage good practice. 

We believe that: God is on the side of health, and that when we pray for healing we are praying ‘with the grain’ of God’s purposes. God is at work in the world in the direction of wholeness, and one day will renew all creation. In the meantime, we are called to work with him. This is healing in its widest sense. 

Jesus commissioned and sent his disciples to heal the sick and to minister to the broken and damaged. This calling is still ours today. 

The Holy Spirit empowered the first Christians to heal. This and their preaching worked hand in hand to produce dramatic church growth. The same Spirit who fills Christians today continues to give his gifts to the Church.  

The team is committed to a variety of different ways in which healing prayer ministry might take place, in a variety of settings. We do not exclusively endorse one model, but seek to encourage good practice whatever your tradition and style. The important thing is that people are prayed for, and prayed for well. 

How can we help? 

We are building a variety of resources: 


A series of leaflets is in preparation, covering different aspects of Healing and Wholeness. They provide brief introductions to the subjects, with pointers to further resources (an introductory leaflet is available here). There is also an Introduction for Clergy with Diocesan Guidelines for the Ministry of Deliverance (this is available upon request).

Deliverance Ministry

If you would like assistance in this area, contact your local Church of England priest. Our deliverance team work closely with local clergy to ensure you have ongoing pastoral care and are supported through all the guidelines.

If you are unable to contact your local clergyperson then please email:


We have produced orders for a Celebration of Wholeness and Healing in the context of a Eucharist and a Service of the Word. You can download these services here and here


Members of the team are available to meet with local churches to give advice or training, particularly where there is currently no Prayer Ministry Team in action. We are keen to help churches wishing to start from scratch. 

For further information please contact Revd Hugh Jones by email or call 01522 50 40 30.