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Focal Ministry Resources for Clergy

Focal Ministry Technical Guidebook

This technical guidebook is for Incumbents, Oversight Ministers or Rural Deans who may be involved in the process of discerning a Focal Minister for their local church or parish.

It gives a detailed understanding of what Focal Ministry is, how the process of discernment works, and answers lots of questions which you may have about this form of local ministry.

Please use this as a foundational document which will inform your conversations with potential Focal Ministers and give you a deeper understanding of the rationale, process and training involved:

Nomination, Resolution and Agreement Forms

Candidate Nomination Form

Nominate a candidate for Focal Ministry:

PCC Resolution Form

The Parochial Church Council for your parish will need to pass a resolution to sponsor a candidate for Focal Ministry:

Once the Focal Ministry candidate has received training but before the Bishop can issue authorisation, there must be an agreement on the specific ways the Focal Minister will carry out their role:

If necessary, you can also formalise the legal delegation of specific Focal Minister responsibilities:

The Focal Ministry Pathway