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Diocesan Synod and the Bishop’s Council of Diocesan Trustees delegate various responsibilities to committees, in order for the ‘heavy lifting’ to be done away from the main trustee meetings and to ensure the expertise of our valuable volunteers is being used well. Some of our committees are “statutory”, meaning we must have them. The majority are non-statutory working committees and panels, that have been created by the Bishop’s Council of Diocesan Trustees to make sure each area of our operations has appropriate oversight.

We are always looking for talented and committed people to join our various committees, panels and working groups. If you have particular skills or experience that you would like to explore offering to the Diocese in this way, be in touch with Helen Doyle, who is secretary to our Search and Nominations Committee.

Please find below a link to our Governance Book, which contains our company Articles of Association, Standing Orders, and all of the Terms of Reference for our committees and panels.

Contact us

Helen Doyle, Assistant Diocesan Secretary

01522 504050

Our main committees and what they do

Audit and Compliance Committee (Chair David Cowell)

The main purpose of the committee is to monitor and review the integrity of the Diocese’s Annual Report and accounting policies; the effectiveness of the Diocese’s governance, internal controls and risk management systems including an assessment of the adequacy of resource to support the same. It is also responsible for monitoring the relationship with, and effectiveness of, the external audit function; the nature and quality of financial information used by the LDTBF to discharge its activities as Trustees of the Diocese.

Assets Committee (Acting Chair Canon Nigel Bacon)

The Assets committee develops and recommends to the LDTBF the strategy for and operational utilisation of, the LDTBF’s assets portfolio in a balanced manner, and for the purposes of providing income in support of the stipends fund, balancing revenue requirements with opportunities for maximising capital growth whilst balancing risks.

Trusts Committee (Chair The Revd Elaine Turner)

The Trusts committee supports the LDTBF in fulfilling its function as Custodian Trustee of funds and properties, mainly parochial trusts, and as primary Trustee of funds and properties held by LDTBF within certain specific charitable trusts, excluding Diocesan Glebe and the Diocesan Stipends Fund Capital account.

Clergy Housing Committee (Chair David Wright)

The Clergy Housing committee seeks to provide housing that is appropriate, cost effective, efficient and well maintained. The committee makes recommendations for the purchase and disposal of properties for housing clergy to the Assets Committee who will assist this committee in discharging its responsibilities on behalf of the LDTBF as the Parsonages Board of the Diocese of Lincoln, under the Repair of Benefice Buildings Measure 1972.

Diocesan Advisory Committee (Chair The Revd Elaine Turner)

The function of the Diocesan Advisory committee is to act as an advisory body on matters affecting places of worship in the diocese and to give advice when requested on the granting of faculties, architecture, archaeology, art and the history of places of worship. The DAC will also advise on the use, care, planning, enhancement, design and redundancy of places of worship, as well as their contents and connected churchyards.

Mission and Ministry Committee (Chairs Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain and Bishop David Court)

The committee supports, and works under the direction of, the Bishop’s Council of Diocesan Trustees in the specific areas of Mission and Ministry. As such, the committee serves as a forum for formulating and bringing forward strategic proposals for approval; monitors and facilitates the implementation of such proposals following their approval; supports all who work in the Mission and Ministry Teams; and serves as a critical friend to the Mission and Ministry teams.

Search and Nominations Committee (Chair Canon Niccy Fisher)

The committee seeks out, provides scrutiny for and recommends appointed members to boards, committees and working groups of the diocese and our partners. The committee also encourages engagement for elected positions and works towards a greater standard of diversity, representation and skill.