About us

The Diocese of Lincoln is the Church of England in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

The diocese covers 2,673 square miles and has a population of 943,000. There are around 31,000 people on the Church Electoral Rolls. There are more than 220 clergy and lay workers serving 150 benefices with more than 600 parishes and 630 church buildings.

In February 2018 we launched our Learning Communities, and we are encouraging our parishes to be a part of a Learning Community. These communities seek to link parishes of a similar context together, and the communities will then come together during the year to exchange ideas, receive input and look forward together.

The Learning Communities will come from six ‘character areas’ (the main types of settlement in the three counties of Lincolnshire): rural, coastal, urban, market towns, suburban villages and housing developments.

The diocesan central office is at Edward King House in Lincoln. There is a staff team at Edward King House that works to support the life and ministry of the diocese.