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Deanery Partnerships

The 9 new Deanery Partnerships (DPs) are roughly mapped to the 9 Local Authorities, and follow existing deanery lines for the most part. Deanery Partnership Steering Groups were tasked with supporting the initial development of the 9 areas, including agreeing with parishes the boundaries for the Deanery Partnership and supporting the planning of Local Mission Partnerships (LMPs). These groups involved a range of local and external, lay and ordained representatives.

The bishop then appointed 9 Partnership Deans and Lay Co-Leads to work with local ministers and lay people in each area. These posts are complementary to Rural Deans and Deanery Lay Chairs. Their task will be to help and propel the establishment of the Deanery Partnership and its long-term role, which is set out below:


DPs will discern how best to deploy stipendiary ministry funded by its Covenant pledges and grants for the most deprived LMPs, so that together we can provide the ministry we need to proclaim Christ everywhere.


New DP Administrators, funded by the diocese, will work with DPs to lighten the administrative load of ministers. A DP may choose to employ additional shared support.


DPs will find and appoint supportive roles for the flourishing of churches in the area e.g. Mission Enablers, Generous Living Enablers.

In the Autumn of 2023 a number of Vision Days where held around the Diocese encouraging LMPs to work together to consider the key themes of collaboration, growth and Generosity. More information about these days can be found here

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