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Children, Youth and Family Enablers

We are looking to appoint a network of Deanery Partnership CYF Enablers to identify and respond to local needs and opportunities, and to advise, resource, train and equip those who work with children, youth and families, in church, at school or at home.

The Children, Youth and Families Enablers, individually and collectively, are being appointed to make a significant contribution to delivering the Church of England’s national target of doubling its number of children and young active disciples by 2030.  You can apply for funding (£10K per annum for 3 years) for a Children, Youth and Families Enabler for your Deanery Partnership.


If you are interested in appointing a DP CYF Enabler please get in touch with Micki, our Diocesan Youth and Children’s Mission Enabler.

Contact us

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