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Caring for Creation: Worship

Getting Started 

Host a ’Climate Sunday’  service.

The website is full of resources including suggested liturgy. Local liturgy has also been produced by the Revd Annabel Barber, and can be found here.

Use the Church Year 

The Season of Creation runs from the 1st of September to the Feast of St Francis on October 4th, with worship resources available for Creationtide here. Further liturgical resources in ‘A Time for Creation’ Green Book are available here.

Outdoor Worship 

Consider the potential of Outdoor Worship. The College of St Hugh Resources Centre holds many useful resources to get started with intergenerational outdoor worship.

Connect with outdoor worship groups via Facebook on the following pages:  

Forest Church Lincoln.

Forest Church Alford  

Wild Church Great Hale

COP28 Prayer Resources