This page contains a series of statements with reference to safeguarding.

To download the statements, please click on the files published below:

Promoting a Safer Church

Promoting a Safer Church - House of Bishops Policy Statement (2017)

Protecting All God's Children (2010)

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns or Allegations that relate to Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (2018)

Promoting a Safer Church (Safeguarding Policy for Adults) (2006)

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Practice Guidelines: Safer Recruitment (2016)

DBS Eligibility and Related Matters

Responding Well (2011)

Responding Well to Domestic Abuse (2017)

Diocesan Whistle Blowing Policy

Safeguarding Training & Development Practice Guidance (2017)

Responding to Serious Safeguarding Situations (2015)

Risk Assessment for Individuals who may pose a risk to children or adults (2015)