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Quick Wins Grant (Net Zero Carbon 2030)

Apply for new grants to help reduce energy consumption and cut your carbon footprint!

The Church of England Environment Programme has generously provided the Diocese of Lincoln with over £65k to distribute to our churches.

The fund we could give to your church would support small and quick actions that reduce energy and cut your carbon footprint.

We’re giving away up to £3000 (and in exceptional circumstances up to £10,000).

Start a project to care for creation

These grants will help your parishes on its journey to Net Zero Carbon, with a focus on reducing the energy footprint of buildings such as churches, offices, and halls.

Projects could include:

How to apply

The application pack will be available soon for a first round of grants this summer. To register your interest, please email

Recommendations to strengthen your application:

In the meantime, start preparing for your application with these first steps: