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Closed and Closing Churches

For any number of reasons, it is sometimes necessary for a church building to close as a place of worship.   The Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 ( ) is also the mechanism for dealing with such closures.

No decision on closure is taken lightly and will involve consultation with those most involved and with the wider community.  A Pastoral Scheme from the Church Commissioners is required for a church building to close for public worship.  Reaching this stage will take some considerable length of time.  Finding a new use for the building post-closure is also a lengthy process which is largely handled by the Church Commissioners. 

More information on processes and procedures may be found at  For those looking to purchase a closed church building, the Church Commissioners advertise those that are currently available at  

For any matter relating to Pastoral Reorganisation or Closed Churches, please be in touch with Steven or Peter. 

Steven Sleight – Pastoral Secretary (  01522 504069) 

Peter Duff – Assistant Pastoral Secretary (  01522 504045)