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Director of Finance Departs the Diocese

Ann Treacy: Balancing the Books

The Director of Finance and Deputy Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Lincoln, Ann Treacy, is moving onto pastures new from Thursday 11 April 2024 after nine impactful years in the role. She was quick to get the numbers precise – “Nine years and ten days, in fact!”

A Transformative Period

When Ann first began working for the Diocese, she saw plenty of opportunity to make enduring improvements to the way finances were being managed. She realised that the situation needed to turn around quickly.

“My gift to the Diocese is making it financially stable and sustainable which, in no small part, is thanks to the relationships we’ve built with parishes around the county.”

Ann Treacy for her upcoming book: ‘On Crunching God’s Numbers’

She had oversight over a large and complex area and, with the trusted support of the finance and wider diocesan team, overcame many economic challenges both locally and nationally.

The result? A stronger and leaner core for the Diocese that has improved its financial position by nearly 70 fold.

Embracing New Possibilities

Ann’s highlights over the years have been closely tied to the many Diocesan developments she has been part of, including the Time to Change Together programme (Resourcing Sustainable Church).

She is thankful that people listened when she advocated for a long-term perspective to finances, and she refused to make any critical decisions that would have threatened the improved foundations we have today.

Some other ways Ann embraced opportunities include:

  • Wandering the parishes and learning about their situations. She got to know the people who were following God’s call in a community, which gave her a wider perspective on what work needed to be done.
  • Explaining how accounts worked using new user-friendly, minimal-fuss methods, especially with trustees and incumbents.
  • Supporting the design of a formalised governance structure thanks to her savvy business and management skills.

“I’d like to think I’ve done the job with humour and good grace. That’s what I’d like to think, anyway!”

Ann Treacy

Ann also built up several positive relationships with people and partners, and she was in her element working alongside organisations in Lincoln including banks and solicitors. She also did tendering for land agents, estate agents and auditors.

Stand-out Moments and Memories

Welcoming The Bishop

Ann instantly recalls a special moment when she welcomed the Rt Rev’d Stephen Conway to the Diocese during his installation as Bishop of Lincoln.

Bumps, Falls and Possibly a Scratch or Two

With happy tears in her eyes, Ann humourously remembers a trustee reversing his vehicle into a vicar’s car after a meeting at Edenham House. Almost like a scene out of a comedy sketch, David Dadswell (the current Diocesan Secretary) randomly fell over at the same time!

An Asset to Belvoir Castle

Ann’s next role will be working for the Duke and Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle.

The Rev’d Canon David Dadswell, Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Lincoln, sends off Ann with a warm yet reluctant goodbye:

She has been such a tower of strength, professionalism and compassion in her years at the Diocese. We all owe her many thanks for her support in helping us do our many various jobs much more effectively.

The Rev’d Canon David Dadswell

Farewell Party: Wednesday 10 April 2024 (2pm)

There will be an opportunity to say goodbye and good luck to Ann at Edward King House in Lincoln on Wednesday 10 April from 2pm. Come along, have a piece of cake and enjoy some time to be with Ann before she leaves on Thursday.

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