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Welcome to the Diocese of Lincoln

We are the Church of England in the historic county of Lincolnshire – from the Humber to the Wash and from the A1 to the North Sea. Our calling is to serve our communities in such a way that people come to know the love of God in Jesus and have their lives transformed.

The diocese covers 2,670 square miles and has a population of a little over 1 million. There are some 600 paid and voluntary priests and lay workers serving 181 benefices, 486 parishes, 625 church buildings and 142 church schools.

Our commitment is to be faithful, confident and joyful.



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Faithful in our worship 

We commit ourselves to regular, inspiring worship and to pray for our communities and their needs.

Confident in our discipleship 

We commit ourselves to following God in ways that our daily lives reflect the love of God we experience. 

As disciples (the name given to the group of Jesus’ first followers), we believe that we should constantly seek to grow closer to God. As we experience more of God’s love, we aim to become more confident in sharing that love through how we live, what we say, what we do and how we care for God’s creation. We invite you to join us as Jesus’s disciples.

Joyful in our service 

We commit ourselves to serving our communities, meeting the needs of individuals and society, as a natural part of our lives, a working out of our faith. We seek to give our time and use our gifts and all our resources willingly. This is our generous response to the God who gives us so much.