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Archdeacon Visitations

Every year, the Archdeacons’ Visitations take place. These are formal church services, during which Churchwardens across each Archdeaconry are admitted. They make a formal declaration and the Archdeacons offer prayer and encouragement. The admission to office is sometimes done by the incumbent or another ordained minister as appropriate.The visitations take place after Churchwardens have been elected for the year at the Annual Meeting, usually between May and July. In 2022, the Rt Revd Stephen Conway invited all Churchwardens from across the diocese to be sworn in together in one service of celebration at Lincoln Cathedral. In 2023, each of the newly formed Local Mission Partnerships held a launch service in which their Churchwarden were sworn in as new group.

Information about the manner of service for 2024 will be shared with current Churchwardens, clergy and PCC Secretaries in advance of the Annual Parochial Church meeting and will also be posted here.

If you need any additional guidance or advice, please be in touch with the Parish Support team or your Archdeacon.