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Support From The Team

The role of a treasurer 

The role of a treasurer is a very important one. Not only will thousands of pounds flow through the Church’s funds, but the PCC is also an independent charity, and will need to conform to Charity Commission guidance. Appointing a treasurer is a significant step for both the PCC and the individual. The treasurer does not need to be an accountant, but it is important that a potential treasurer has both the honesty and enthusiasm for the job. The size and scope of the Treasurer’s job will depend on the size and complexity of the Parish.

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Key tasks

More detailed guidance

The Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) have produced an extremely useful New Treasurers Guide.  This provides a wide ranging overview to a range of topics of interest to new treasurers. 

Once you have the basics underway, you might want to look ahead at the Annual Report and Accounts that you will need to produce at the end of the year. Understanding these responsibilities at the begining of the year will help you produce this later on.   Church of England guidance can be found in the document ‘PCC Accountability’. Click here for a pdf of the latest edition (this is a pdf of the pre-print version) or buy a hard copy from any good Christian bookshop.

Please find a guide to being a successful parish treasurer, as created by our finance department. In it you will find useful guides for all of your responsibilities as treasurer, as they relate to our policies in the Diocese of Lincoln.  

Please also find an example of parish accounts. The will aid with the preparation of your annual financial accounts and reporting.

The Church of England has an excellent publication to help PCCs meet their reporting responsibilities. You can read it online, or buy from the Diocesan Finance Office for £5. The book covers all areas of producing the annual report and accounts, including a full set of example accounts. 

Please see the page below for more information about Restricted and Unrestricted Funds.